• Management of the basic engineering for a Dense Slurry System of a coal-fired power station in Romania, LAB GmbH
  • Project support for the design and construction of several new Combined-Cycle Gas-fired Power Stations in the UK, Alstom Switzerland
  • Project coordination for the modification of a part of the sludge co-combustion plant at the coal-fired power station Lippendorf, Vattenfall Europe Mining AG & Co. KG
  • Technical manuals, risk assessments and project support for three projects in South Eastern Europe for the processing of liquid foods -- Tetra Pak Processing, Munich
  • Technical and economical evaluation of various processes for the future sludge treatment of the Municipality of Dresden (740,000 PE) -- Stadtentwaesserung Dresden GmbH
  • Technical assessment of the viability of the proposed modification of a part of the co-combustion plant, Vattenfall Europe Mining AG & Co. KG
  • Project coordination during the refurbishment of a part of the Municipal Waste Incineration Plant in Berlin Ruhleben -- Berliner Stadtreinigung
  • Revision of sales brochures, technical documentation, correspondence and trouble-shooting with international customers for an innovative company in the particle industry sector -- Topas GmbH, Dresden